Lent 2014 - Uncover

During Lent we will “uncover” the real Jesus in Luke’s gospel.

On six Sundays we will be looking at six readings from Luke’s gospel and this will be complemented by using the Uncover Seeker Bible Study Guide in our homegroups.  This is a series of six evangelistic Bible studies in Luke’s Gospel. Written by international evangelist Becky Manley Pippert, this self-contained, ready-to-go, bible study guide does not require expert knowledge to use. Using experts from Luke’s Gospel, the Uncover Seeker Bible Study Guide is ideal for reading with friends in a one-to-one or small group setting.

The Uncover Gospel may be used with the Uncover Seeker Bible Study Guide, although this is not essential.  It provides an opportunity to examine the evidence by exploring the source text and features an array of interactive and online options.

The Uncover Bible Study Guide and the Uncover Gospel may be obtained from homegroup leaders or for more information please phone the Church office.

The St George’s sermons may be streamed or downloaded from this web page.  There are also links to some of the Uncover on-line material.

Introductory Uncover Links

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How do we know Luke’s account of the life of Jesus is reliable? (Luke1:1-4)


Evidence A (Luke 1:1-4 & 5:17-26)  Evidence A (Luke 5:17-26)

Sermons 2nd March 2014:

Rob McLaren (9:30 am)                               Sarah Williams (11:00 am)

Evidence B (Luke 7:36-50)      Evidence B (Luke 7:36-50)

Sermons 9th March 2014:

David Coleman (9:30 am)                            Rob McLaren (11:00 am)

Evidence C (Luke 15:1-7 & 11-32)  Evidence C (Luke 15:11-32)    

Sermons 16th March 2014:

Sarah Williams (9:30 am)                            Paul Cumming (11:00 am)

Evidence D (Luke 18:31 - 19:10)  Evidence D (Luke 19:1-10)        

Sermons 23rd March 2014:

Lesley Cummins (9:30 am)                          Paul Cumming (11:00 am)     

Evidence E (Luke 22:66-71 & 23:13-56)  Evidence E (Luke 23:32-49)  Sermon 30th March 2014:  Paul Cumming

Uncover links concerning other readings in Luke:

Doesn’t science rule out miracles? (Luke 5:12-15)

How can an all powerful and loving God allow people to suffer? (Luke 7:11-17)

Aren’t Christians arrogant to insist that Jesus is the only way to God? (Luke 10:22)

Doesn’t faith conradict reason? (Luke 16:19-31)

Isn’t living a good life enough? Why would good, moral people need Jesus? (Luke 18:18-30)          

Did the resurrection really happen in history? (Luke 24)