The Letter of James

During May, June and early July we will be Looking at the Letter of James as a sermon series and in our homegroups.  The homegroup studies will based on “The Implanted Word” by Matthias media. Each homegroup leaders leader has a copy of the Study Guide but, if you would like your own copy, they are available from ICM Books Direct.

A sample of the first section of the book is available from the publishers.

To listen to a sermon left click on the underlined link or, alternatively, left click on the streaming audio playlist. This second method is faster because playing will begin before the file is fully downloaded.

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James 1:1-18         Rob McLaren           David Capener

James 1:19-27       Andy Livingston      Rob McLaren

James 2:1-26         Andy Livingston      David Brackenbury

James 3:1-12         Rob McLaren

James 3:13-4:12    Rob McLaren          Sarah Williams

James 4:13-5:11    David Capener

James 5:12-20      Andy Livingston

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