Jesus born to ……?


Born to die?   Genesis 3:1 - 15

Rob McLaren 9:30

Rob McLaren 11:00

Rob McLaren Thursday communion

Born to suffer?   Isaiah 53:1 - 12

Andy Livingston

Christine Buckley  (The last two minutes of this are  missing                            due to a technical problem during recording)

Luther and the Reformation  Romans 1:16-17

Rob McLaren

Andy Livingston

Born to be rejected?

David Coleman (John 17:6-19)

Rob McLaren (Mark 8:31-38; Mark 12:1-12)

Lesley Cummins Thursday (Mark 8:31-38; Mark 12:1-2)

Homegroup notes

Born to die

Born to suffer

Luther - The Reformation  

Born to be rejected