January’s teaching series is called “Human”.  Christmas reminds us that God became truly human.  So Jesus’ first coming tells us a lot about what it is for us to be truly human.  

The series starts with Philippians 2 and its inspiring description of Jesus’ incarnation and saving work.

As the series continues we seek to understand our humanity better, made in the image of God, with great potential for good and fatal flaws too.  There is great controversy in our society and we need help and courage to be truly human.

Human Introduction (Philippians 2:1-11)      Christine Buckley

Human 1 (Psalm 8, Hebrews 2:5-9)              Andy Livingston         Christine Buckley

What are human beings? (an article written for image by David Coleman based on Psalm 8)

Human 2 (Genesis 1:26-2:2, Mark 10:1-9)   Rob McLaren             Aled Seago

Human - homegroup study notes

Human 1 (Psalm 8, Hebrews 2:5 - 9)

Human 2 (Genesis 1:26-2:2  Mark 10:1-9)