Faith Comes by Hearing Challenge

Over the summer months we are going to try to listen to the whole of the New Testament.

This will give us the a chance to hear the Word of God as it was first heard. This is a very different medium and you'll find words and phrases jump out or repeat as the writers intended. It's good to hear sweeps of the Bible as well. Often we only read small sections.

My own experience of hearing the Bible read back in 2002 was that it rekindled my spiritual life and resulted in me rededicating my life to Jesus after a long time out in the wilderness away from God. My prayer is that you too will become excited, once again, about the Word of God as you hear the message of the Good News in the words of Jesus and the disciples.

At church we will be handing out a check sheet to keep track of where you get up to. Also the options for listening are made so much easier with new technology. They are shown below.

Maybe God bless you as you engage with God's words in the Word of God.

Andy (Associate Minister)

Listening Options:

From the Internet

Using your PC/Laptop/Tablet:


Top left click on BIBLE

Choose ‘Audio Bible’

In left hand box choose version - ‘NIVUK by David Suchet’

Select book and chapter

Select ‘Play’ arrow

From the App Store

Using your iPod/iPad/Tablet/Phone:

Go to ‘App Store’

Type ‘Bible’ in the search box

Choose ‘Bible’ and download

Select top left menu and select ‘Read’

Top centre select book then chapter

Top right select version of Bible - choose NIVUK

Select speaker bottom right and press ‘Play’ arrow


This will NOT work in older CD players but may in newer car CD players.

A limited number have been produced at a cost of £1.

These can be copied onto an iPod/iPad/Phone/Tablet

to listen when out and about.

MP3 CDs will work in many DVD players.

From CLC Bookstore in Stockport

This WILL work in a standard CD player.

Complete New Testament (CEV Version 20 CDs) in audio format for £25.

60 Day Listening Plan

for the

New Testament

60 Day Listening Plan for the New Testament.pdf

Overview of New Testament Books

Sermons giving an overview of books of the New Testament may be found by clicking on this box.

Summer 2015